Naughty or Nice?

Discover how brands are wasting $600M+ during the holiday season on low quality ads

30% of annual media budgets are spent in Q4 alone.

Over half of that spend goes behind ads that fail to incorporate creative best practices.

In the US alone, total spend on low quality ads exceeded $280M in the 2021 and 2022 holiday seasons.

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New challenges. New technologies. A new metric

Rising Media Costs

Rising Media Costs

Minimize the impact of media inflation.

Ad costs are rising. Media inflation will hit 4.5% this year. Marketers’ work will cost more to be seen, more to be enaged with, and more to be remembered.

Unparalleled complexity

Unparalleled complexity

Deliver in spite of unparalleled complexity.

Marketers are now producing more creative assets than ever before. It’s never been this challenging to deploy high-quality creative that meet local and global needs.

Attention Crisis

Attention Crisis

Overcome the growing attention crisis.

People see more than 2 million ads a year. Marketers have to ensure every piece of content cuts through the clutter so that it is seen, enjoyed, and remembered.

The creative metric marketers are now using to deliver business impact

The Creative Quality Score is a metric used by marketers at some of the world’s leading brands to measure content effectiveness. It tracks the incorporation of platform best practices (like Meta’s Brilliant Basics and YouTube’s ABCD’s) in their creative assets.

Why marketers are using a Creative Quality Score

Improved Media Efficiency

Improved Media Efficiency

The higher the Creative Quality Score, the cheaper the CPM. A 10% increase in Creative Quality Score is associated with a 4.7% decrease in CPM.

Improved Brand Awareness

Improved Brand Awareness

Ads with higher Creative Quality Scores are more memorable. A 10% increase in Creative Quality Score is associated with a 4.6% increase in Ad Recall.

More Engagement

More Engagement

The higher the Creative Quality Score, the cheaper the Cost per Completed View (CPCV). A 10% increase in Creative Quality Score is associated with a 17.4% decrease in CPCV.

How CreativeX sees a creative

How CreativeX sees a creative

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